General of the Army Omar N. Bradley
Moberly High School Class of 1910

While entering the names of Moberly High School grads, Ted became again interested in the career of General of the Army Omar N. Bradley.  The above photograph was sent by John T. Wayland, Jr.  It was given to his father, John T. Wayland, by the General.  This is the beginning of a page on this site about General Bradley but I am going to continue to ask for some help.  If anyone has anything on him, photographs, biographical information or other things that may be of interest to our visitors please get in touch with Nancy Cole.
The history books have a great deal of information on the General, I would like to devote this page to personal and family rememberances.

The first submission I have received is from Carole, one of our lookup volunteers and related to the late General.  Thanks for the personal, family side of this great American.
"Initially what I have for you is mostly genealogical info.  Much of the info I have on the extended family of Gen Bradley I got from a cousin who has a double relationship to Omar Bradley and has done a fair piece of researching on the BRADLEY  family.  I have confirmed some of the info myself so in case anyone has any disputes about the info please let me know. 

To begin with Omar Nelson BRADLEY was born on Feb 12, 1893 on the Hubbard farm near Clark, Randolph Co., MO.  He died April 8, 1981 in New York City, NY.  (Note: He was attending a meeting of the Army Association; (I believe he was living at Fort Bliss, Texas prior to his death.  This point needs clarification - Ted) His parents were John Smith BRADLEY (b. Feb 15, 1867 Randolph Co., MO and d. Jan 31, 1908 Higbee, MO) and Sarah Elizabeth HUBBARD (b. April 18, 1875 at Hubbard farm near Clark, MO and d. June 23, 1931 Moberly, MO).  They were married May 12, 1892 at the Hubbard farm near Clark, MO.  Omar was the first child born to the marriage, he also had a brother named Raymond Calvert who was born Feb 1900 and died Jan 18, 1902.  His father was from a family of eight children and became a school teacher.  He died when Omar was only 14 years old.  Omar and his mother took in boarders in order to help make ends meet (including Oreon LESSLY and his wife Cassie - my great-grandfather's brother).  Omar married Mary Elizabeth QUALYE on Dec 28, 1916 in Columbia, MO. Mary was born July 25, 1892 and died Dec 1, 1965 in Washington, DC.  (Note: She was a 1910 graduate of Moberly High School.) There were 2 children born to the marriage - the first, a stillborn boy, was born 1918 in Butte, MT.  The second was Elizabeth Bradley b. Dec 3, 1923 at West Point, NY.   Omar's second wife was Kitty Buhler who he married on Sept 12, 1966 in San Diego, CA.

Omar's paternal grandfather was Thomas Minter BRADLEY b. Dec 29, 1844 in Howard Co., MO and died 1923 in Washington Co., AR.  His paternal grandmother was Sarah Elizabeth LEWIS b. abt 1847 in Randolph Co., MO and died Feb 18, 1901 in Winslow, AR.  They were married Sept 30, 1865 at Moberly, Randolph Co., MO.  My relationship to Omar Bradley is thru Sarah Elizabeth LEWIS.  I am descended from her aunt Hester Ann LEWIS.

I have little information on Omar's maternal grandparents.  I only have their names -  Henry Clay Hubbard and Mary Elizabeth Spurling.

This begins my narrative.  Too bad I didn't take down more notes when I had the biography on Gen. Bradley.  However I can check that out from the library again and get some more facts on the childhood and early career of the general.  I do know that when he graduated from high school he didn't have the money to attend college.  His plan was to work at the Wabash Railroad Co. to earn money and then attend college (U. of MO) when he had some money saved. A friend suggested he try to get into West Point - there was some sort of program at the time where districts were allowed to select and send one person to West Point every 4 years.  By a stroke of luck the law got change to allow a district to send a person every 3 years which allowed Omar Bradley to apply for the opportunity.  He was however only the backup to another candidate and did not have high hopes of getting in.  He and the other candidate had to take a test to qualify - the other candidate had been studying almost a year for the exams and Omar had been out of school for almost a year with very little time to prepare.  In the end he agreed to take the exams only if the railroad would give him the time off and a free pass to the town he had to get to.  As things turned out the other candidate did not pass the exams and Omar was on his way to West Point and the beginning of his Army career.

All of this is from memory I can get the full story from the autobiography when I get it from the library.  Other details that I remember were that his nickname at West Point and for the rest of his career was "Brad".  One of his classmates was Gen. Eisenhower.  In fact so many of Omar's classmates became generals that they later became know as the Class the Stars fell on - or something like that. Omar was also a crack shot and very good at winning at poker games."

Note: We hope that Carole can expand on this as time goes on.
 A great big thanks to her!

A limited biography includes:

A General's Life, Omar N. Bradley. pub. 1983, 1984, 1993

Bradley, Charles Whiting

A Soldier's Story, Omar N. Bradley, pub. 1951, reissued 1975, 1978

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