This new page was created to list the home pages of our guests.  For those of you with home pages that has information you would like to share, with connections to Randolph County, Missouri, here is the place for links to those home pages.  To put a link to your home page just send Nancy Cole your page URL. 

The only requirements are that they must have one or both of the following:

1. History, events, genealogical data relative to Randolph County, and/or
2. Surnames of ancestors, family or lived in Randolph County at any time.

One of our faithful lookup volunteers has developed her own site.  She is Roxann Gess-Smith and her site is named Gess Again Genealogy. On her site she has included Randolph County information on"History and Members of Fairview Church", Jacksonville Union Chapel and Mt. Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  Click on the above name and drop in for a visit; I am sure will be impressed as I am.

Esrys, Heifners, Bakers from Randolph County

Submitted by Kim Esry

Betty Lee (Epping) Pike's Page: Moberly High School Class of 1978

Greetings everyone, after many hours of work, (or is it pleasure) we have created our own genealogy home page.

It is split up into different surnames. The surnames of interest to this area are SHERWOOD, JETT, HANNAH, HUNTSMAN, COLLINS, BURKS, RIGEL, REDMOND, MCKINNEY, and others yet to be found. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts. Anything anyone can give me on these families would be greatly appreciated since I have so little on these lines.

The address is:

Please let me know of any corrections, additions, deletions, or any other comments you may have.

Thanks, Sheri.....

Sherida Sherwood Schultheis

Ramsey DAVIS moved to what later became Randolph Co. (Howard Co. at the time of the move) in 1821.  James Davis died 6 October 1822 and Hannah Ramsey Davis died 11 July 1830.  Both are buried in Hamilton Cemetery in Randolph County.  However, their headstones have been removed to the permanently endowed Davis Cemetery in Fayette, MO.

Nancy Jones Crawford

The URL for my web page, OUR RIGHTEOUS & ROTTEN ROOTS is:

From Bob Beeson we have the following links:

For a photograph of his grandfather, a Marine in World War II:

For a list of 1910 Randolph County Schools:

For lists of ancestors, descendants and surnames:

For a list of rural Randolph County Cemeteries:

John Wayland's Home Page - Wayland and Terrill

On my page I have a section for the Wayland surname and the Terrill surname. Both are found in Randolph County.  I have 817 Waylands and numerous other Randolph, Howard and Chariton County surnames that are connected in some fashion.  On my Wayland page this includes 42 Lowry/Lowery, 16 Pigg, 19 Swearingen, 19 Searcy, 22 Weaver, 10 Rothwell, 19 Robertson, 19 Grigsby, 12 Gorham, 30 Carpenter, 52 Jackson, and many others.  On my Terrill page, in addition to the nearly 1300 Terrill/Terrell, there are 26 Berkshire, 15 Moore, 15 Parker, 10 Quayle, 23 Wallace, and many others.

The Stinson Family by Jim Stinson - Names of interest: Hubbard, Hardin, Evans and Gooding.

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