Historic Sites of Randolph County

The GNIS name server lists the following Historical Places, if you have information to share on any of these places please contact: Nancy Cole.

	College Mound Elliott                Duncans Bridge McMullen
	Renick Shafton                       Sunshine
	Taunton                              Mount Hope Post Office
	Rolling Home Post Office             Smithland Post Office
	Bagbys Mill                          Berthaville
	Hills Crown                          McMullen
	Oak Point                            Penneys
	Chapel Grove Methodist Church        Dover Baptist Church
	Dover Christian Church               Ebenezer Baptist Church
	Good Hope Baptist Church             Grand Prairie Presbyterian Church
	Hagar Chapel Union Church            Higbee Church
	Little Union Baptist Church          Mount Harmony Baptist Church
	Mount Hope Presbyterian Church       Mount Olivet Baptist
	Mount Shiloh Baptist Church          Mount Vernon Baptist Church
	Oak Grove Baptist Church             Pleasant Grove Union Church
	Providence Methodist Church          Salem Baptist Church
	Salem Presbyterian Church            Sweet Spring Baptist Church
	Trinity Methodist Church              

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