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The reunion notice below is an oldie but a goodie, I will also post notices of upcoming 21st Century Reunions.

Higbee, Mo, Aug. 15, 1940

Many friends and relatives attended the Cook family reunion Sunday, when a picnic dinner was served on the lawn of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Shed (Shadrach) Cook. Among those present were: Mr. &. Mrs. Garfield Cook, Billings, Mt., Mr. & Mrs Chris Wolfe, Youngston, Ohio, Mrs. O. L. Cook, College Springs, Iowa, Avis Carney, Susie Dennis, Shelt Ketchum, Grace Creson, Sallie Creson, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Blansett, Mr. & Mrs. Al Lyon, Mr. & Mrs. Shed Cook, Bill Magruder, Cora Noll (Nall?), Gladys Comstock, Joe and Ethleen Lay, Miller Robb, Ciotha Kirby, Mrs. R. A. Reynolds, Mary Shaffer, Mrs. Jim Sumpter, and Miss Dorothy Ann Robb, all of Higbee, John W. Cook, Kansas City, Mr. & Mrs. Finis Lyon and son Donald, and Mr. & Mrs. George Carney of Carthage, Mo., J. J. Creson, Fayette, Mo., Raymond Cook (He was son of Mr. & Mrs. Shed Cook) Agnes Knight, Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Claypool and son Bobby Lee, John Gilbert Grider, and Mrs. W. P. McGonigal, Moberly, Mo.

This article was submitted by Jere, who graciously offers additional information on the folks who attended this reunion, particularly the Cook family.

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