Randolph County

Oakland Cemetery, Moberly, Missiouri*

Old Higbee Cemetery

Fairview Church Cemetery

The GNIS name server lists the following cemeteries in Randolph County, if anyone has personal knowledge of these cemeteries, directions to them, lists of those interred, tombstone inscriptions, and would like to share information here, please write Nancy Cole.

          Anderson Cemetery              Bagby Cemetery   
          Barnhart Cemetery              Mound Chapel Grove Cemetery  
          Colter Cemetery                Jacksonville Davis Cemetery
          Dean Cemetery                  Bridge Deskin Cemetery
          Grand Prairie Cemetery         Jacksonville Hagar Cemetery 
          Huntsville Hamilton Cemetery   Hickory Grove Cemetery
          Mound Higbee Cemetery          Jacksonville Cemetery
          Jacksonville Johnson Cemetery  Hill Meals Cemetery    
          Grove Memorial Gardens         *Oakland Cemetery
          Pleasant View Cemetery         Bridge Saint Marys Cemetery
          Sandy Hook Cemetery            Sugar Creek Cemetery
          Tanton Cemetery                Trinity Cemetery
          Huntsville Union Cemetery      Jacksonville Vince Cemetery
          Whitmore Cemetery              

To view location maps for these cemeteries, please visit GNIS and follow the links to detailed maps.

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